Cabo Shark Dive was founded to protect sharks and pelagic predators by offering safe, close and personal underwater interactions. We believe that educating people is the best way to raise awareness, and what better way to do that then to expose them to the beauty of the underwater world. Shark diving, snorkelling or shark-watching expeditions are fun, exciting and entertaining activities that are also environmentally sustainable.

We aim to prevent the destruction of marine environments and to encourage an increased understanding of sharks. We hope that through our efforts, we will be able to contribute to the protection and conservation of marine life. In our tours, we also involve local fishermen, to help the community. Not only have some of the local fishermen joined our project, but we also make sure to ethically source our chum from the remains of fish that would otherwise go to waste.

While on the water, our number one priority is safety; of both you and the sharks. With our extensive background in shark diving, marine biology and the Cabo area, we have a 100% safety record – and plan to keep it that way! We were the first in to bring people to swim and dive with sharks and pelagic fish in Cabo San Lucas, and our entire team strives to provide the best service, in and out of the water.

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Jacopo Brunetti is the founder of Cabo Shark Dive. Originally from Italy, Jacopo is a Marine Biologist with 2 Masters degrees, PADI scuba instructor, professional underwater photographer, sharks behavioural expert, EFR Instructor, and professional shark dive guide. He is a well known underwater photographer worldwide, he has been featured in the most important diving magazines and tv productions like Discovery Channel and Shark Week. He is famous for his unique ability to find the most elusive pelagic shark species.and to interact safely with them out of the cage. He has excellent free diving and swimming skills.

Before founding Cabo Shark Dive, Jacopo worked as biologist, shark dive guide and professional underwater photographer with sharks and large marine animals for 12 years. Throughout this time, he has worked around the world; in South Africa, Egypt, Azores, Hawaii, Mexico, Baja California, Australia & Philippines, collaborating with important institutions such as The Shark Research Lab at The Hawaiian Institute of Marine Biology. Jacopo is a real shark fanatic and a true ocean lover!


Miguel Costantini is our head guide and safety diver. He is not only highly experienced in the Cabo waters, but he is also a shark behavioural expert, professional underwater photographer, strong open water swimmer, and trained free diver.

Miguel is extremely friendly and patient, he is very professional and loves what he does, but the best thing about being on the boat with him is that he always makes sure everyone feels comfortable, in or out of the water. Miguel speaks English and French and Spanish and has been working in the industry for many years.

Nedel Trujillo

Nedel Trujillo is out new boat captain. He grew up in Baja near Mag Bay and comes from a fishing family, He has extensive experience in Baja waters and has worked here in Cabo for 15 years. He also has many years of working with sharks and pelagic animals. 


Martin Menendez is from Uruguay, he grew up by the sea, since very young he fell in love with the ocean. HE is a professional shark guide, shark behavioural expert and underwater photographer. He has 15 years of life guard experience (International Life Saving Federation), is a full range swimmer, EFR instructor, over 10 year experience as PADI Master Scuba Diver instructor with over 3000dives, free diver, soul surfer, expert. His experience and positive attitude will make you feel very comfortable in and out of the water


Clara is a professional scuba diver and amateur free diver, who is super passionate about sharks. Working part-time at Cabo Shark Dive, she has been able to continue researching and working with conservation efforts across Mexico. Clara is also the current director and science coordinator of Mexico Azul Foundation which fosters marine conservation programs with a special emphasis on sharks of Mexican waters.

Her passion for these animals means that she will have the answer to almost any question you may have. She is very knowledgeable and friendly, making a day on the water with her extremely pleasant.


Ulysses Coronado Morales is our hand deck and sailor. Although he has a very quiet demeanor, he is always there to lend a hand. Known by those who work at Cabo Shark Dive as “the Chum Machine”, Ulysses is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. From helping to put on your flippers, to making sure everything is on board, Ullyses helps every day on the water run smoothly.

On board the boat, you might recognize him by his kind personality. Ulysses is always smiling and happy, loving every day on the water. He is truly an example of kindness and brings light to the boat.

Captain Edu Frias

Our boat captain Edu Frias is a real sea-wolf. He comes from generations of fishermen and is even an ex-fisherman himself. Seeing his expertise, we were able to hire him and he is now able to work in the Eco-tourism industry, helping to protect marine life every day. He is he is a profound connoisseur of the Pacific Ocean and can manage a boat in all kinds of sea conditions.

David Valencia

David Valencia is is our tours coordinator and guide. To say Dave enjoys the water is an understatement- A professional, awards winning underwater photographer, marine biologist and avid waterman, he loves to share the joy of the ocean with others.  He has years of experience guiding guests from all over the world in all types of conditions. His positive attitude and calm manner make him a great addition to the team.

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